Virgo Zodiac Sign – Traits & Personality

Its symbol is “The Virgin”. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury. Its element is Earth. It is the 6th sign amongst the 12 zodiac signs. Virgos are very much practical in nature. Friendliness is an important element of the Virgos. They are also very neat and tidy. They are very conscious about their health. They care a lot about their hygiene and a balanced food in their daily diets. They don’t like changes or alterations. There room will be in a proper symmetry. Continue reading


Taurus Zodiac Sign – Traits & Personality

The Taurus people like to be comfortable. They appreciate luxury and they spend their life making themselves more comfortable. They are generally attracted by stability and permanency. The Taurus women would be perfectly compatible with men who have secure financial side. The Taurus people find it really hard to live through recession. They also like good food. The Taurus people would prefer a well garnished dish over a delicious dish. They like the appearance more than anything else when it comes to food. The Taurus people represent the art and the beauty. Continue reading

Leo Zodiac Sign – Traits & Personality

Main traits of Leos are enthusiasm, passion and optimism. These are the characteristics which lead them to their highest destiny. They are majorly artists and powerful leaders. Leos are usually warm hearted and loving partners. Leo is ruled by the Sun. this is an indication to the point that they are very strong, proud and dynamic personalities. Leos have a very consistent nature. Continue reading

Gemini Zodiac Sign – Traits & Personality

The Gemini people are witty and restless by nature. They offer intelligence to the society. They would be the people who would be thinking most of the time. They would ponder on the happenings around them. They are often restless. Their restless nature makes them think more and more about the things happening around them. They also tend to be critical of the facts but most of the times their criticism is positive based on solid footings. They also advocate freedom of every sort. Continue reading

Cancer Zodiac Sign – Traits & Personality

Cancer is the 4th sign of zodiac. They are symbolized by crab. If you were born between June 22 and July 22 you are a Cancer. Their birth stone is Moonstone. The image of crab shows a vulnerable and oversensitive nature. They are also very possessive. They are usually attached a lot to their family. They are dedicated workers. They keep their home-life and work-life separate. Continue reading