The Positive and Negative Traits of Virgo Personalities

Virgo is symbolized by a virgin female. Virgos are so precise, systematic and professionals in their field. They are reserved with their family and friends. They don’t share their feelings and emotions with other persons. They are deep with a lot of thoughts and feelings in their heart. They don’t make friends instantly. They require sometime to trust others. They just superficially share their feelings. But on the other hand they are open to their love. They are kind hearted and sentimental.

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The Positive and Negative Traits of Sagittarius Personalities

The traits of Sagittarius, born between November 22 and December 21, are typified by the by the pulsations and trembling motion of fire. It is the dynamism of fire rather its power (an Aries Attribute) or its essential nature (Leo) that Sagittarius is characterized by. But since the motion of flame cannot be considered as separate from its essence and its power, a Sagittarian is a person who is constantly moving between the inner and outer poles of reality. He can just as easily lose himself in abstractions and dreams as he be can devote himself to sudden bursts of inspired activity.

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The Positive and Negative Traits of Cancer Personalities

Cancer is symbolized by the crab. It is the 4th sign amongst the zodiac. They are very emotional and loving. They protect others and love to be protected by them. They have their own world of imaginations. At the same time they are very moody and over emotional. They have almost no control over their emotions. They are clinging in nature. They are quick to blow up but they quickly forgive as well. They cannot bear anyone saying wrong about those to whom they care about. Usually they are very gentle, neat and tidy.

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