The Positive and Negative Traits of Sagittarius Personalities

The traits of Sagittarius, born between November 22 and December 21, are typified by the by the pulsations and trembling motion of fire. It is the dynamism of fire rather its power (an Aries Attribute) or its essential nature (Leo) that Sagittarius is characterized by. But since the motion of flame cannot be considered as separate from its essence and its power, a Sagittarian is a person who is constantly moving between the inner and outer poles of reality. He can just as easily lose himself in abstractions and dreams as he be can devote himself to sudden bursts of inspired activity.

Sagittarius characteristics

Nothing becomes an obsession with him because he is a person of leisure. However, for him, leisure is meant to be given over to solving life’s riddle in the most practical way. That is why Sagittarians can be counted on to come up with the most ridiculously simple solutions to difficulties that have mystified persons of lesser genius. Sagittarius is deeply rooted in his divine origin, being ruled by Jupiter.

As such he views life as a pleasurable experience, the greatest joys of which are found in cheerfulness, benevolence, justice and total optimism. For gods, such might be the case. However, Sagittarius can find himself in straits because of that expansive attitude. His optimism may be mistaken for superficiality and irresponsibility. His disregard for tedious shortcomings may also translate as a lack of sensitivity to people. Sagittarius is inclined to burst anybody’s bubble not out of malice but because of his being a frank person. Since he sees the general pattern of life rather than the troubling details, he is able to evaluate things as a god would. Hence his disregard for personal feelings and his flare for directness of speech.

Sagittarius is really among the most likeable people. The only inconvenience his friends have to put with is his childishness and lack of discernment in his pursuit of a life befitting a god. However, even when working for an easy life, he can become extremely philosophical. In fact, a better way to talk about his carefree nature is to say that it is the natural result of his total belief in his divinity.

Gods were not meant to engage in menial toil. Sagittarius treasures his freedom because of the same sense of being divine. The best way to alienate him is to curtail that freedom of thought and action and to scoff at his creativity. On the other hand, the key to winning his affection and trust is to become open-minded and appreciative of what he does. Time and again, the enthusiasm of Sagittarius has to be reined in. Being curious by nature, he can find himself with so many conflicting interests that it will be impossible to commit to one without compromising the others. That is also the reason why Sagittarius is often regarded as lacking in commitment and depth. But such is the fickleness of flame.

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