The Positive and Negative Traits of Cancer Personalities

Cancer is symbolized by the crab. It is the 4th sign amongst the zodiac. They are very emotional and loving. They protect others and love to be protected by them. They have their own world of imaginations. At the same time they are very moody and over emotional. They have almost no control over their emotions. They are clinging in nature. They are quick to blow up but they quickly forgive as well. They cannot bear anyone saying wrong about those to whom they care about. Usually they are very gentle, neat and tidy.

Cancer characteristics

Cancers are very romantic partners. They are also caring, insightful and sentimental at the same time. They are very honest to their relations and they demand the same from their relations. Sometimes it is a hard nut to crack to understand them. It is because of the reason that they are over emotional and this can regret even their sensible side. They enjoy a competition as they are very determined in their jobs. They also find fun in humiliating the opponent.

They usually dedicate their lives to their partners and children. For this they can sacrifice anything. It can also lead them to a complex if they are not successful in their lives. They also have a tendency to spoil their mates and children. They also love to have animals.

Most of them like boats, sailing, pools etc. They love water a lot. In this regard most of them even drink a lot of water. They can rightly be called as water loving or hydrophilic. They are also easily addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. Cancers do not consider those people as friends who fail to help them in their financial crisis. They need both financial and emotional assistance from their friends. They are very much creative and have artistic talents. They are also perfectionists in the field of Music and photography.

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