Leo Zodiac Sign – Traits & Personality

Main traits of Leos are enthusiasm, passion and optimism. These are the characteristics which lead them to their highest destiny. They are majorly artists and powerful leaders. Leos are usually warm hearted and loving partners. Leo is ruled by the Sun. this is an indication to the point that they are very strong, proud and dynamic personalities. Leos have a very consistent nature. Leos are very much warm hearted and faithful personalities. This shows that they live optimistically and passionately. They are highly confident personalities. They believe in themselves and their capabilities. Most of the Leos are usually the man principles. They care about their pride a lot. This can make them reluctant to admit mistakes. Leos are usually great leaders.

It is because of the reason that they are highly self-confident. They can easily motivate and inspire people around them. They have strong communication skills. This helps them in motivating their employees to do their best. Leos are usually very active. Passiveness can annoy them. They always try to engage themselves in some mental or physical activities. These people love pleasure and luxury and they can do anything in order to achieve it. The goals which are almost impossible for others are almost possible for the Leos. The only condition in this case is that it must bring pleasure to them.

They love receiving true and sincere compliments especially in verbal form. It means that one can make them happy by appreciating them. Leos are always in the search of attention. It is their utmost wish to be the spotlight on some gathering. Their mostly hobbies include sports like diving, dancing, cycling etc.

They usually like golden and orange color. Amongst the flowers roses and the tulips are on top. They like top quality fashionable clothes. Luxurious lifestyle and submissive people are also liked by them. Leos are generally very much passionate, loyal and sensual. In case of love they are extraordinary romantic. Their passion often extends to patriotism as well. Some Leos have an argumentative type of nature.

They are also good fighters. It is so due to the reason that they are highly spontaneous and reactive. They can’t control themselves in any emergency situation as they are also emotionally intense. They are very helpful to others specially their friends and those to whom they like. Generosity is also a dominating element in their nature. They are also very good cooks.

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