Gemini Zodiac Sign – Traits & Personality

The Gemini people are witty and restless by nature. They offer intelligence to the society. They would be the people who would be thinking most of the time. They would ponder on the happenings around them. They are often restless. Their restless nature makes them think more and more about the things happening around them. They also tend to be critical of the facts but most of the times their criticism is positive based on solid footings. They also advocate freedom of every sort.

They always stand up for the freedom of the society. Apart from that, they tend to prefer freedom within life style as well. They also appreciate variety and their personality exhibits it as well. They have variety of behaviors and they tend to like the variety of the nature. It is everywhere in their personality. Their element is air which represents freedom and movement. The movement between two points represents thought. This makes them represent intellect.

They prefer intelligence over action and that is how they spend most of their life. It is a common observation that Gemini people are good at communicating with the others. They do not hesitate and never feel shy. They do not walk away from argument. They also remain calm under tense argument. They use their thought and intellect to lead the argument. They often come up with better negotiations than others. They are wonderful at communicating with their siblings.

Gemini people do not offer great companionship to those who are not dynamic. Their relationships often fizzle with the non-dynamic people. They appreciate and advocate open end relation. They seek for the person who can influence them and can show them characteristics which will encourage them in every quarter of life.  Their physical appearance is charming most of the times. They do not age quickly. They look younger than their years.

They are also prone to gain weight easily in certain cases where Taurus or Cancer has influenced their birth chart. The Gemini people are not great when it comes to future planning and thinking about the future projects and work. They feel stressed out when they think about the things that they will have to do in future. They get stressed even before the work has really started. They do not feel any stress when they have to travel. They love travelling and would be happy to move around freely.

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